I - General Information

  1. Hélio Filipe Lopes Carvalho, taxpayer number 246658916, domiciled at Almada Negreiros street, nº7, 1º left., 3400-079 Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal, which adopts the commercial name Wildiscovery, hereinafter referred to as WILDISCOVERY or AGENT has entered into agency contracts with Promoters of Touristic Activities, hereinafter “SUPPLIER”, in this way acts as “AGENT” with powers of representation, being responsible for publicizing and promoting, through its SITE, numerous touristic activities (appointed by Suppliers with whom he has signed an agency contract), hereinafter “PRODUCTS”, which may be enjoyed by the legitimate holders of proof of payment.
  2. The vouchers referred to take the form of an online voucher, appointed at www.wildiscovery.com, hereinafter “SITE”, and the legitimate holders of these vouchers may enjoy the products, in Continental Portugal and Islands, according to the location of each PRODUCT.
  3. PRODUCTS advertised and promoted by Wildiscovery include a multitude of products and services, constantly changing and updated.
  4. Products disclosed and promoted by Wildiscovery are organised, produced, supplied and provided by third parties, suitable and qualified SUPPLIERS, of whom Wildiscovery is agent, under the terms defined in the agency agreements come into effect between them and Wildiscovery.
  5. Wildiscovery acts in the name and on behalf of these SUPPLIERS, as mere intermediary between the purchaser/bearer of a proof of payment and the SUPPLIERS of the respective PRODUCTS, being such situation expressly indicated in the proof of payment, or on the site itself in detail of each SUPPLIER, and also acts in the name and for its own account, appointing the aforementioned PRODUCTS.
  6. Wildiscovery also presents through its SITE several PRODUCTS, which it sells directly to its customers.
  7. Proof of purchase is considered valid after the payment thereof and proof of payment of the PRODUCT. The bearer/purchaser must keep proof of payment for the PRODUCT, whose activation is confirmed directly by Wildiscovery. If Wildiscovery didn’t send confirmation to the bearer/purchaser, activation of the payment receipt is void and Wildiscovery reserves the right not to allow the PRODUCT to be appointed. Only and only if Wildiscovery still has in its possession the value related to the PRODUCT and the appointment of it has not been activated by the same, it undertakes to return, via bank transfer the full amount referring to the PRODUCT.
  8. In case Wildiscovery detects evidence of fraud or use of the PRODUCTS offered to its customers, it reserves the right to suspend them unilaterally until their extrajudicial or judicial clarification.
  9. Any order and/or purchase of a PRODUCT implies acceptance without reservation, either by the purchasers or the bearers, of these General Terms and Conditions, as well as their full and complete adhesion to the respective conditions, which will prevail over any other document Purchasers or holders, and in particular any other general conditions of purchase, which the purchasers or the holders expressly acknowledge that they will not be applicable – unless otherwise agreed in writing, express and prior written consent by Wildiscovery.

II - Products

  1. The PRODUCTS must be carried out at the approximate date and time chosen by the purchaser of the same, and are valid from the respective confirmation of the activation to be made between Wildiscovery and the purchasers, therefore the realisation of the PRODUCTS, must occur within the term Under penalty of irrevocable loss of the rights conferred by the PRODUCTS.
  2. Within the respective validity deadlines mentioned above, the PRODUCTS serve as a mean of payment for the activity of selected tourist activity – among the tourist activities promoted or divulged by Wildiscovery, inserted in its catalogue of PRODUCTS – with the SUPPLIER, Partner of Wildiscovery, responsible for the organisation and delivery of the same. After the expiration date, the PRODUCTS are immediately and automatically cancelled by Wildiscovery, and can not be re-validated or enjoyed.
  3. Wildiscovery may, in exceptional cases, review the possibility of extending the realisation of the PRODUCTS by prior contact of the respective purchaser/carrier with the Wildiscovery customer service through line +351 916 467 476, or via e-mail to reservations@ Wildiscovery.com.
  4. There are no exchanges and/or returns of PRODUCTS. The non-appearance implies the cancellation of the PRODUCT. As it is non-refundable, there will be no possibility of extending the validity expressly indicated in the conditions of purchase, other than mentioned in the previous clause.

III - Activities Appointment/ Reservation and Realisation

  1. The appointment of the PRODUCTS selected by the holder of the proof of payment, is made to the corresponding SUPPLIER by Wildicovery immediately after the purchase.
  2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the previous paragraph, holders of proof of payment may contact the services of Wildicovery – through line +351 916 467 476, or via email to reservations@wildiscovery.com – to obtain any clarification.
  3. The appointments will be considered valid and definitive in accordance with the respective commercial policy of the SUPPLIERS of the selected PRODUCTS, namely when the carrier receives the confirmation of the services from Wildiscovery, by telephone or e-mail – or by the SUPPLIERS, in the Cases where the appointment has been carried out directly with them.
  4. On the day of the realisation of the PRODUCT, the holder of the proof of payment must present the same as a means of payment to the SUPPLIER responsible for the organisation, production and realisation of the selected PRODUCT, with the requested data, and must appear at the place and date appointed at least 30 minutes in advance of the scheduled time, unless otherwise indicated by the SUPPLIER or by Wildiscovery at the time of booking.
  5. PRODUCTS being supplied or supplied by a SUPPLIER have a limited physical capacity to respond, and their reservation is subject to this condition. If the purchasers/holders of the PRODUCTS experience difficulties in these reservations they should contact Wildiscovery, who will do everything to find an alternative PRODUCT.
  6. The obligation to issue the invoice for the PRODUCT made with the redemption of the proof of purchase, as indicated in the own, falls on the SUPPLIER, responsible for the organisation, production and realisation of the selected PRODUCT.

IV - PRODUCTS - Appointments Cancellation and Execution

  1. If the holder of the proof of purchase wishes to cancel or change his appointment, he may only do so exclusively with Wildiscovery, with a minimum of 10 working days in advance – without prejudice to a longer notice according to Commercial policy of each SUPPLIER or other expressly provided cases, and in any case, no responsibility in this matter can be assigned to Wildiscovery.
  2. Cancellations that do not take place under the terms set forth in the preceding paragraphs will not be carried out and will imply the loss of the rights inherent to the PRODUCT in question, namely regarding new appointments.
  3. Without prejudice to all cancellations only being made directly with Wildiscovery, bearers may use the services of Wildiscovery for advice and information, which will endeavor to reach an agreement between the parties.
  4. Once the reservation has been made, if the bearer does not appear at the date, time and place marked without having made a cancellation or change in the terms described above, he will lose all the rights inherent to this PRODUCT, namely the right to a new appointment.

V - Products' SUPPLIERS, Location, Transportation, Description and Duration

  1. The network of SUPPLIERS, of which Wildiscovery is an agent/commercial representative, is spread throughout Continental Portugal and Islands, and is continually growing. In cases where it is necessary to remove some locations or SUPPLIERS from the catalog of PRODUCTS published by Wildiscovery, it will replace them with alternative locations and SUPPLIERS.
  2. The photographs of the PRODUCTS in the Wildiscovery catalog are merely illustrative and not binding.
  3. The duration of the PRODUCTS is approximate and is indicative only. Unless otherwise specified, each PRODUCT will be held in conjunction with other persons, which may lead to variable waiting times to which Wildiscovery is wholly unrelated.
  4. PRODUCTS – unless otherwise indicated, in particular due to their nature – do not include transportation, accommodation and meals.
  5. Notwithstanding the foregoing, all information provided by Wildiscovery about the PRODUCTS is indicative only and is not binding, being responsible for all information related to the PRODUCTS and for all the circumstances related to its preparation, realisation and use exclusively of the SUPPLIERS thereof, and Wildiscovery shall not be liable for any such question.

VI - Restrictions

  1. The PRODUCTS may presuppose the verification of certain conditions and requirements regarding the person(s) that they enjoy, such as minimum age, health status, good physical or psychological conditions or other requirements.
  2. The appointment restrictions are stipulated by each SUPPLIER, being the same the management of the adaptation of the PRODUCTS to the purchasers/holders of proof of purchase.
  3. Where possible, such restrictions will be indicated in the catalogue and SITE, although the responsibility for the disclosure of such conditions lies exclusively with the SUPPLIER of the PRODUCT and not with Wildiscovery.
  4. All cases of any physical and/or mental limitation on the part of the users of the PRODUCTS shall be expressly mentioned, either to the SUPPLIERS of the PRODUCTS at the time of the appointment or to Wildiscovery itself, in case of being contacted for such matter, under penalty of eventual Impossibility of realisation of the PRODUCT.

VII - Atmospheric conditions and technical contingencies

  1. The realisation/provision of certain PRODUCTS may be dependent on the verification of favourable atmospheric conditions. In such cases, holders of proof of payment should request all information they need from Wildiscovery of these PRODUCTS at the time of activation of the appointment.
  2. In the case of contact with Wildiscovery, it will give the purchasers and bearers the clarifications available to them and will assist in establishing the contact between the bearers and the SUPPLIERS of the PRODUCTS.
  3. If any PRODUCT is cancelled due to weather conditions the carrier must request information from the SUPPLIER of the same, namely to make a new appointment, which will always be subject to the weather conditions of the scheduled day, as well as other conditions of responsibility of SUPPLIERS .
  4. In the event that the purchasers and/or the bearers incur expenses, damages or damages resulting from a cancellation due to adverse weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances and circumstances preventing the realisation of the PRODUCT, Wildiscovery can not be held responsible in any way, for such expenses, or damages and, in particular, for the reimbursement thereof, and such matter shall be treated, exclusively, directly with the SUPPLIERS of the PRODUCT.
  5. Any matter related to the non-performance of any PRODUCT on the due date, whatever the cause, shall be resolved with the SUPPLIERS of the PRODUCTS, and no responsibility in this matter can be asserted to Wildicovery – without prejudice to all the support it will provide, as mediator between the acquirer, or the bearer, and the SUPPLIERS.

VIII - Refunds and Returns

  1. The refund will be made within a maximum period of 10 working days after the respective purchase, provided that the bearer concerned presents the corresponding proof of payment, as well as any other information that Wildiscovery may request to prove the eligibility of the same.
  2. In the case of non-use, loss, theft or destruction of proof of payment, the bearer and / or purchaser may not demand any compensation or use thereof. All proofs of purchase are not redeemable for cash, and must be used by the date indicated.

IX - Right of free resolution

  1. The customer of Wildiscovery has the right of free resolution of the contract of purchase and sale of products without having to indicate any reason. The term for the exercise of the right of withdrawal expires 40 days from the day on which the client (or a third party indicated by the client) acquires possession of the property. Within the same period, the customer must contact Wildiscovery, submit the corresponding proof of payment, as well as other information that Wildiscovery may request to prove the eligibility of the same.

X - Insurance

  1. The risks inherent to the provision/realisation of the PRODUCTS, as declared to Wildiscovery by all SUPPLIERS of the PRODUCTS, are covered by insurance in the amounts required by law, contracted by the SUPPLIERS of the products and services related to the PRODUCTS.
  2. The existence of insurance does not overrides the obligation of customers to guarantee, expressly and under their sole responsibility, that they have all the physical and mental conditions for the realisation of the PRODUCTS.
  3. Clients must strictly comply with all prudential rules related to their performance, especially in sports activities and so-called “risk” activities, and must follow in full all instructions, rules and indications that are provided by the SUPPLIERS of the PRODUCTS, being that the realisation of them will always presuppose the acceptance of all risks inherent to them by the customers.

XI - Wildiscovery Responsabilities

  1. Through the conclusion of agency contracts with promoters of tourism activity, Wildiscovery is a commercial agent of the entities that it represents, carrying out actions of promotion and sale of products of tourist activities.
  2. Wildiscovery, as agent with powers of representation, publicises touristic activities to the Final Customer and enters into agreements of sale of these products, charging the amounts due by them.
  3. As an intermediary, Wildiscovery can not be held liable for any question regarding the organisation, production, supply and delivery of the PRODUCTS, their appointment and/or cancellation or postponement when directly negotiated by the purchasers/holders of the supporting documents and the SUPPLIERS, to cases of non-execution or a poor performance thereof, as well as to all other vicissitudes or consequences related, directly or indirectly, to the provision of the PRODUCTS – without prejudice to the continuation, on the part of the Wildiscovery, of all intermediation proceedings between purchasers/holders of proof of purchase and the corresponding SUPPLIERS suitable for establishing consensus and satisfying the legitimate interests of all parties involved.

XII - Suggestions and Complaints

  1. Your opinion is important to Wildiscovery. If you have any suggestion or complaint, do not hesitate to submit it, as this is of the utmost importance for the improvement of our services. Contact us at reservations@wildiscovery.com.

XIII - Competence to settle consumer disputes

  1. In the event of a consumer dispute, defined in accordance with the provisions of Law no. 144/2015, of September 8, the consumer may have recourse to the competent alternative dispute resolution body.
  2. Without prejudice to the legislation, statutes and regulations to which alternative dispute resolution entities are linked, consumers may opt for the European online dispute resolution platform available at https://webgate.ec .europa.eu / odr, by the alternative dispute resolution body of the consumer’s place of residence or by the specialised alternative dispute resolution body, if it exists for the sector in question. You can consult the updated list of all alternative consumer resolution entities available at www.consumidor.pt.
  3. If there is no alternative dispute resolution entity(s) in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph or the existing one(s) do not consider themselves competent due to the value of the dispute, Consumer can use the National Center for Consumer Conflict Information and Arbitration, located in Lisbon, with the e-mail address: cniacc@unl.pt and available at www.arbitragemdeconsumo.org.

XIV - Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions

By acquiring any PRODUCT or service appointed and/or advertised by Wildiscovery, the purchasers, the bearers and, in general, all Wilsdiscovery customers expressly state that they have been properly communicated to these Terms and Conditions, further stating that they have taken perfect and full knowledge and have fully understood all its contents, conditions and implications, further declaring to accept, without any reservations, these Terms and Conditions in their fullness.