Meet our team

André Pereira

André Pereira

Natural born hustler and problem solver. Philosophy and Economics superior education.

Hélio Carvalho

Hélio Carvalho
Eco-tourism specialist and Co-Founder

Wildiscovery’s very own environment, ethnocultural and gastronomic geek.

Hélène Galewicz

Hélène Galewicz
Business Development Specialist

Support growing startups and new companies, through business development and customer relations.

João Vitorino
Business Development and Marketing Specialist

Business development and marketing are the calling card.

Alexandra Claro

Alexandra Claro
Copywriter and Admin Assistant

Writing enthusiast. Focus and determination are the keywords when it comes to working.

Sebastião Barbosa
Project Management Ninja

The youngest in the team. Passionate about mathematics and able to solve any problem.

Putin the Dog

The Dogo
Chief Hapinesse Officer

Dedicated professiona. «The Boss».