Apenas um resultado

De Brabandere Brewery is based in Bavikhove, Belgium, and was founded in 1894. At the beginning the brewery supplied only nearby cafes or deliver to individuals. It started changing in the 1950s, exporting to beer traders. Today it remains a family business and is one of the largest independent breweries in Belgium.
One of the brands of De Brabandere is Petrus Sour Beers. It is the reference for sour beers. These are mature beers, authentic and brewed according to the best traditions. Petrus Sour Beers are intriguing, original and therefore difficult to match.
Petrus is a slow-ripening, unpredictable and organic beer that requires a lot of patience. No wonder then that this beer is appreciated by amateurs who like to take their time. This beer matured for 2 years in oak barrels, deserves to be savored.