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Craftwerk is a craft beer label from the German Bitburger brewery. The concept started in 2013, with the local craft beer scene being developed and new names appearing such as Tangerine Dream, Holy Cowl or Skipping Stone.
Like many large breweries, Bitburger maintains a small experimental brewery in which new processes or raw material variants are tested. The small brewery also served to give the creative minds in the team a space for experimentation. Very intensive new hop hopes were tried out.
The results, so-called edition beers, were in demand drinks at internal events and found more and more enthusiastic fans among the employees of the brewery. The willingness to experiment and the competence of their own master brewers as well as the overwhelming acceptance of their employees led to the decision to found their own craft beer label craftwerk.
It uses new varieties of selected ingredients and gives individual recipes a lot of space. The character of each beer is very different and shows how special hops and cereals, complemented by a dash of creativity, great beers can arise.