Endless fields of experiences in the south of Portugal

Capital city of Alentejo, the central region of Portugal, Évora is one of the best preserved medieval towns of Portugal. It is a recommended spot for anyone who wants to escape from the major touristic (and crowed) cities for one or few days. Anyone who is looking for a more peaceful time. Anyone who aims to enjoy an authentic Portuguese experience.

The region of Évora is simply perfect for a real gateway. It is surrounded by olive groves, and has several fortifies and traditional towns. Moreover you can enjoy culinary specialities from Alentejo, a region also known for its wines. Among other things don’t forget to taste the cheese of Évora, a sheep milk cheese.

For a long period the city remained a religious and trade centre in Portugal, which provides an interesting diversity to Évora. Its historic centre was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. It has a variety of historic monuments, such as the aqueduct Agua de Prata.

The roman temple (Templo de Diana) is the best preserved one in the whole Iberian peninsula. The majestic cathedral of Évora (Sé de Évora) has a unique gothic architecture. If you get to the top of it you will be able to enjoy an impressive view over the town.

One of the best known (and probably the stranger) attraction of this town is the impressive Chapel of Bones (Capela dos Ossos), which is decorated with bones and skulls taken from more than 5,000 exhumated bodies of Évora’s graveyards.

Around Évora you will be able to visit many historical sites as well. One important is the Cromlech of the Almendres, the largest group of structured menhirs in the Iberian Peninsula. Another example is the Castle of Evoramonte, a gothic monument worth seeing because dating from the 12th century. 

Évora is a town you can enjoy with friends and family members. You will be able to walk through the streets of a medieval town, admiring traditional Portuguese houses. It is a university town, which makes it a lively place. You can enjoy a wide range of bars and restaurants and a night life.

From Lisbon, around 130 km away, accessing Évora is easy with bus and train daily connections, for a trip of one hour and a half.

What to do in Évora

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