About us

Wildiscovery is more than a consulting company, Wildiscovery is a community, a network of partners and freelancers. It was born in 2016 as a tech startup developing digital solutions for the tourism industry. Since its first days, Wildiscovery has been growing to become a dynamic and independent company, owning and developing projects in different countries and industries.

We are a non-corporate consulting company. We are problem-solvers, risk-taking and multidisciplinary entrepreneurs. Each member of our team represents a world of experiences, shaped by hardship and perseverance.

Corno de Carneiro by Tiago Cerveira


Serra da Estrela by Tiago Cerveira

We take care of our own and our objective is to leave a positive footprint, with useful social and environmental impact, in everything we do.

Working with Wildiscovery involves relying on a multidisciplinary team that will provide the most professional, caring and closest assistance you, or your company, could wish for. We find solutions and we make things happen.

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